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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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welcome to a brighter future. comcast. for what sparked the inferno that killed two firefighters in wilmington. two other firefighters are still in the hospital. >> it is the eve of the first presidential debate. hillary clinton has picked up a big endorsement, donald trump is on the trail. >> we are counting down to the keystone state showdown, the unbeaten eagles taking on the unbeaten steelers at the linc. 6:00 a.m., sunday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look at a shot of the atlantic city boardwalk right there. you can see one person walking.
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it is going to be a beautiful day. not a cloud in the sky it feels much cooler feeling like fall on this sunday morning. >> finally, friday we actually had a couple of areas top 90 degrees, this morning some of the same locations are in the 30s. >> fall got the memo. >> reporter: yes it did. let's take you outside, it only took three months. one of the longest hottest summers in a quite sometime. 46 times this year we hit 90 degrees or higher. there's the view as we look live on sky6 live hd. as nydia mentioned here, it's very quiet out there. not a cloud in the sky, the winds are calm. 42 in tanersville. the poconos, 38 degrees. martins creek, 41. quakertown, 43. 55 in center city. levittown, 51. chester 52. over on the other side of the delaware river we go.
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dover, 51. vineland, 48. hammonton, 48. glassboro, 51 degrees. satellite and radar, clear as a whistle cloud cover to the south following the cold front that swept through yesterday, where all the cloud cover will be hanging out this afternoon across the virginias and the carolinas. sunny skies, beautiful, 73 is the forecasted high. coming up in just a few minutes, when i come back, temperatures tomorrow morning will be chilly, most of you will need a jacket first thing in the morning, we're also tracking wet weather, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> for the first time we're hearing the may day calls from yesterday as inferno in wilmington, delaware, that left two firefighters dead and two others are injured. >> we're following this story for you, this morning, first time we're hearing the calls here is a listen in. >> we have fire, subjects trapped on the first floor, firefighters trapped. may day may day.
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>> firefighters trapped on the first floor, emergency has been delayed. there's been a call for may day. the fire location is the basement. >> we have water on it. >> one firefighter trapped in the rear of the structure in the basement. >> proceed, one firefighter still trapped rear of the structure in the basement. >> we have one firefighter evacuated through the rear. >> do you have anybody else inside that you know of? >> we have, verbal contact with him. >> we believe that two have been removed and there's one in the rear of the structure they are in contact with. that trapped firefighter is still in the front. >> we have no word what started the fire on lake view street.
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there's no doubt of the pain and the loss for the firefighters and their families. >> reporter: a chilling sight, chris leech -- christopher leach is covered by a flag. flames erupted at 3:00 a.m., but tells us she and her family made it out before crews arrived. it was a tragedy that could have been avoided. >> it's a family of 8 and all 8 got out. >> reporter: the floor collapsed and the lieutenant and three others fell to the about the same time. jerry fickes was also killed. >> all of our family is hurting significantly. >> reporter: more heartbreak, the site of lieutenant christopher leach's three children crying and consoled by teary eyed friends. >> for those who believe in
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your love, death is not the end, nor does it destroy the bonds you forchld in our lives. >> reporter: lieutenant christopher leach was a graduate of the school, we were told stories of the firefighters who lost their lives. jerry fickes. >> one of the toughest guys i know, when i want to his house today, he had pullup bars in every single doorway of his house. >> he was a guy you looked up to no matter where you want in live. he was a hero, i don't know and off the job. >> reporter: in the video we saw a lot of tears were she had at the ceremony, is a lot of tears she had at the scene and a lot of hugs between firefighters and a day filled with tragedy, reporting in wilmington, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> we have a developing story out of the rhawnhurst section of
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philadelphia. police are looking for the driver who ran into a man early thorning and sped off. the action cam was at the scene where the hit-and-run driver abandoned the car. you can see from the vehicle how hard the 51-year-old victim was hit. the man's body denting the hood and smashing the windshield. the car hit the man at castor and continued where the suspect got out of the car and ran off. the victim has life threatening injuries. police are processing the car to find the owner. >> overnight, police in washington state released information about the gunman in the mall massacre. arcan cetin is a immigrant. he has a criminal record as of december he has been prohibited from posing a firearm. he is accused of using a rifle to shoot and kill four women and
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a man inside a macy macy's store in seattle. police have not announced a motive. a witness to the shooting talked about what he saw in the next half-hour. another story we're following this morning, charlotte police have released two different angles of the deadly shooting of a black man by one of their officers. police say they found a gun on him. jn --tte reyes has more. >> reporter: the shooting sparked protest in charlotte for several days. >> we want justice and we want it now. >> reporter: the body camera begins with the officer running toward scott's suv. one officer has the gun aimed at the window and repeated yes, sir at scott to get out. the camera shakes as the the
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officer swings the baton to shatter the window. the dash cam shows two officers were their guns drawn and the 43-year-old gets out and walks backward with his hand by his side. it is not clear fed the gun. seconds later you hear four gunshots and scott falls to the ground. >> they saw the handgun when he was in the vehicle and we know of one officer that fired at this point those are the details that are still on going. >> reporter: along with the video police released the images of what they alleged is scott's handgun and ankle holster. the officer who fired his weapon perceived his movements as an immanent threat to himself and others. >> when you look at the dash cam footage and the time frame between mr. scott stepping out of his vehicle for the moment he
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unfortunately passes away on the pavement it is, do those actions, those precious seconds justify the shooting? >> reporter: scott's family members say even with the video it's hard to see this as a justified shooting. >> unfortunately we're left with far more questions than we have answers. it does not make sense to us, how it's possible that the incident resulted in the loss of life. i'm jennette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton and republican presidential nominee donald trump will spend today meeting separately with netanyahu. they will prepare for their first debate. jetter, trump threatened on twitter to invite
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flowers to the event after mark cuban was invited to the event. the new york new york times endorsed clinton as candidacy they believe her experience makes her more qualified to shape u.s. foreign policy. the paper adds what is called occasional missteps, but the times said donald trump is the worst candidate put forward by a major party in american history. >> brian taff and sharrie williams are at hofstra university to bring you live reports during the debate. the debate can be seen live here on 6abc, 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> now to the gridiron grudge match, the ballots of the unbeaten. the eagles and steelers kick off at the linc later this afternoon. both have 2-0 records. rookie quarterback, carson wentz
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enters the game without a turnover, here's hoping the streak continues. our sports team breaks down the game 11 5:00 a.m. -- 11 5:00 a.. taking a step further in the fight against pediatric cancer. the parkway run steps off this morning by the philadelphia museum of art. >> seeing the light. celebrating the donation that paid for the amazing lighting of boathouse row. president obama opens the first national museum african american history and culture. >> reporter: it's 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday, alicia. we're tracking a little bit of wet weather in the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast all coming up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently.
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fall and it feels like fall. >> reporter: thank goodness, because we got our first electric bill, we're done with the 90s no more heat an humidity. looking at the commodor barry bridge. sun getting ready to rise. feeling very crisp and cool this morning. we actually had to close the windows. the temperatures dropped into the 40s in most locations, even still are in the 40s. we'll flip it over to the
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numbers in a minute. the radars are clear. as a matter of fact there might not be a single cloud in the sky today. bright blue upstairs, comfortable, cool conditions, a nice finish to the weekend. 55 degrees, dewpoint, 41. pressure holding steady, winds out of the north at 3 miles per hour. poconos, 38. allentown, 45. philadelphia, 10 better, millville, 49. trenton, 50. reading, 47 degrees. most locations are anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees colder than the same time yesterday, reading 20 degrees cooler, wilmington, 21, millville, 19. atlantic city, 19 degrees cooler. satellite and radar, we have a huge area of high pressure sitting right here, canadian high, out to the west we have a ridge this is where the temperatures are warming. this is where the numbers are cooling off here. we get a sea saw effect with the jet stream. we have a couple of showers,
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even downpours across the heartland that's our next weather maker, should get in here monday night into tuesday morning. today, beautiful fall-like weather, high pressure in control. it's going to be a gorgeous day, as i mentioned earlier, hardly a cloud in the sky. that frontal system gets closer as we move into monday. we start out with sunshine monday morning, we see the high clouds roll in late in the day. rain arrives after midnight monday night and lingers into the first part of tuesday morning. we'll time it out for you. future tracker 6, nothing going on today. you ahead to lincoln financial field, it's beautiful, nice afternoon. we get into the overnight hours, we'll see a gradual increase in cloud cover, first thing tomorrow morning, starting out with a little bit of sun, here comes the clouds by 5:00 p.m., they lower and thicken the rain moves on in. this is 2:30 a.m. tuesday, note the downpours pushing through. by the time we get into the rush hour, looks like a lot of will
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be gone, but there will be a few leftover showers, look at the temperatures, monday morning, allentown, 43. reading, 43. philadelphia, 50. trenton, 46 and millville, 54 degrees. finally feeling like fall. sunny skies, pleasant, 73 degrees is the forecasted high, light breeze out of the north/northwest. wall-to-wall blue skies, 1:00 p.m., 68. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees, 5:00 p.m., 72. at that point the eagles and steelers are in the first quarter feeling absolutely lovely out there. overnight clear and chilly, 43 degrees the outlying suburbs, 51 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're in the 70s the whole way through, today, 73. increasing clouds tomorrow, 75. morning showers on tuesday, afternoon sunshine, 74. wednesday 57, thursday, looks
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good, 70. friday, 72 and showers, saturday, 72 degrees. >> a school in center city celebrates a milestone. there was a block party outside month -- the green town school celebrating 50th anniversary for the kids. there was face painting and a magic show.
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>> happening today the parkway rub and walk in honor of kids diagnosed with cancer. this begins at 8 can 30, eakens oval up the parkway and ends at eakens oval. adults pay $35, kids $15. registration starts in 40 minutes at 7:00 a.m. the proceeds benefit cancer research and care at chop. officials say childhood cancer only gets a small portion of funding compared to other cancers. philadelphia's puerto rican day parade can be seen live on 6abc. the parade is on the benjamin franklin parkway. the grandstand is set up on logan square. our coverage of the puerto rican day parade starts at 12:30 p.m. after "action news" at noon. america has a national museum african american museum
6:22 am
and culture. ♪ >> philadelphia's own patty labelle brought her soul to the dedication in washington, d.c. the museum part of the smithsonian contains more than 3,000 artifacts that helps tell the story of the african-american experience over the span of 400 years. >> i imagine holding a little hand of somebody and tell them the stories enshrined here and together we'll learn about ourselves as americans, we'll walk away that much more in love with this country. the only place on earth where this story could have unfolded. >> to prevent long lines, tickets are being distributed through the museum's website. they are sold out almost to the end of the year. we'll be right back. blinds to .
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right now, take 25% off all motorised blinds and shades. life's just gotten a little bit easier. blinds to go. blinds for life. everyone, 6:25 sunday morning, cooler changes have been arrived. here's philadelphia here, we're seeing a pattern change overall. high pressure which has been dominant this month has planted itself over the carolinas, it's allowing the cooler stuff to stay out over the high plains. this high is retreating over the atlantic, it's allowing the jet stream of cooler pocket of air over the great lakes to push across the mid atlantic and the northeast. that's the pattern over the next couple of weeks across the delaware and the lehigh valleys. it's finally going to feel like fall permanently around here. eagles taking on the steelers,
6:26 am
lincoln financial field. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, a gorgeous, gorgeous day. >> you mentioned the game, the 2-0 eagles playing the 2-0 steelers at the linc. here's jeff skeverski with details. >> reporter: doug peterson can become the first eagles head coach in team history to start his career 3-0 against the steelers and history is on his side. pittsburgh has not won in philadelphia in more than a half century. carson wentz has been making history. he'll try to lead the eagles to a 3-0 start for the first time in the last 23 seasons when the eagles and steelers kick off at 4:25. >> it's cool to be 2-0. the steelers present a big challenge. i think we'll be ready for it. >> they are a tough football team that's carried over throughout the years, they don't
6:27 am
do anything crazy, but what they do do, they do it well. you know we as an offense have to execute against them. >> it's going to be a good challenge this week, as long as we stay focus, it's not about them, it's about us, it's how we approach it, how we attack it, it's about us if i finishing the game. >> new york the city that never sleeps, and thanks to the mets, the phillies had shsleepless nights thursday and friday after back-to-back late inning losses. the phillies return the favor last night. phillies come out swinging first inning, franco, 3-run homer. phillies get five runs in the first. they get five more in the 4th inning. darren rup, the 3-run homer. phillies up 10:0. the mets make it interesting in the 9th, the winning run at
6:28 am
the plate, but, phillies hang on to win 10-8 is the final. college football when penn state hired bucks county native james franklin he talked a big game. when it comes to big games, franklin has been styling, he is still yet to win against a big 25 team. after an ugly one against 4th ranked michigan. franklin not happy. they are out gamed by 300 yards for the first time in school history penn state allows 28 first half points to the wolverenes they go on to crush penn state 49-10. after losing to penn state temple bounced back in a big way against charlotte. temple 28 unanswered in the second quarter. philip walker to jenings, temple
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hearing the may day calls of firefighters trapped inside a burning home. two firefighters died. it's a somewhat brisk wakeup, the feelful fall has settled in. how is that for a beauty shot, the sunrise over the walt whitman ben franklin bridge this morning. >> how about it chris, mother nature got the memo. >> reporter: the pattern has changed and now we'll see fall-like conditions permanently in the delaware and the lehigh valley. let's get you outside, we have a couple of beautiful shots, just a few clouds across the jersey
6:32 am
shore. otherwise we're waking up to mainly clear conditions. now we're down the jersey shore, what a gorgeous shot. the ocean is calm. there's a small craft advisory next. we have moderate rip currents down there. wall-to-wall blue skies and sunshine. 38 in the poconos, 47 in reading, 55 for philadelphia. trenton, 50. millville, 49. same number for wilmington and atlantic city, dover, 50 and cape may, 54. here's satellite and radar, there's the frontal system that swept through yesterday, we had a lot of cloud cover associated with the front, we even had a a couple of passing showers first thing yesterday morning, now it's well far to the south. across the virginias and the carolinas, that means we'll see sunshine today. jersey shore, 71 degrees, mostly sunny and nice down there. 73 for philadelphia. wall-to-wall blue skies. look at the poconos, 62 degrees for the high temperature today. we'll call it sunny and cool,
6:33 am
somewhat brisk of a morning in the higher elevations. coming up in just a few minutes we'll talk about the chance of rain monday morning -- excuse me monday night into tuesday morning with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. guys. >> thank you. this morning the delaware fire marshal will be at the scene of the blaze that claimed the lives of two firefighters. lieutenant christopher leach and jerry fickes were killed when a floor gave way in an intense fire in a row home. it erupted on lake view road in wilmington yesterday morning. two others were injured critically. this morning we're hearing the radio calls. >> one more subject [inaudible]. >> we have the nozzle man from what. >> we have the nozzle man from 5. we believe he is trapped
6:34 am
underneath a piece of flooring in the front of the swelling. >> the residents made it out of their homes safely. christopher leach and jerry fickes are the 15th -- 14th and 15th firefighters to be killed in the history of the fire department rmt -- last night a vigil was held for christopher leach where went to high school. >> she is praying for their families. it is breaking their hearts knowing they passed away for her. >> reporter: heavy smoke and flames poured from the home on lake view road at 3:00 a.m. >> it's not the fire it's the smoke that was burning your face. >> reporter: there were earlier reports of children trapped, but the mother said everyone had gotten out before fire crews
6:35 am
arrived. firefighters entered the home and started up the steps. >> the floor became very soft and brittle and began to start to collapse. four firefighters fell down into the collapse of the floor. two of those firefighters passed away. >> reporter: crews pulled three from the basement, but the raging fire made it difficult to reach the fourth. after an hour, a body was carried away with an american flag dropped over it. police saluted as the bodies of the fallen was driven to the medical examiner. >> please keep us in your pairs, the entire city is hurting. >> reporter: fire officials say two firefighters are in the hospital in stable, but critical condition. while family and neighbors are praising their heroism, they request whether the tragedy could be avoided. it is a family of 8 and they got
6:36 am
out. >> reporter: there are many questions why the firefighters went inside the home if the family had already gotten out. the state fire marshal is investigating. in wilmington, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> we have a developing story out of baltimore, maryland, this morning police are looking for three gunman who shot 8 people in that city. one of the victim is a 3-year-old girl. police say the shooting was a premeditated act. the gunmen converged on the victims from different points. investigators believe the shootings were in retaliation for a labor day shooting that killed two including a pregnant woman. all the victims are expected to survive. we're learn being the capture of the mall shooting suspect in washington state. an officer drove right up to him, nearly car cara -- car cars
6:37 am
more. >> his first name is arcan cetin. >> reporter: investigators arrest a suspect in the murders of five people inside a washington mall. >> i saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and i instantly recognized that's the person i just viewed on my computer. i did an abrupt uturn and hit my lights and pulled my gun and took the individual into custody. >> what i saw there was a gunman holding a rifle shooting and he saw me, i took off running. >> reporter: this man and his wife were inside macy's when chaos broke out in the makeup department. they saw the gunman and the victims, too. >> i saw the ladies on the floor in a pool of blood. >> there was another lady next to her i checked for a pulse. >> reporter: four women and one
6:38 am
man died. >> anyone at any time in that mall last night. it will change those families forever, we need to keep them in our prayers. it changed our community i'm afraid to some extent forever. abc news, burlington, washington. turning to the race for the white house, both candidates are fine tuning their points ahead of the debate. trump was in virginia this weekend. hill 'lil was at her new york home. the debate is being held at hofstra university on long island. brian taff and sharrie williams bring you reports starting tonight. the debate airs on 6abc at 9:00 p.m. monday night. boathouse row is shining brighter thanks to the a donation.
6:39 am
the iconic lights on the schuylkill expressway underwent a makeover. there was a festival and light show across the river on mlk drive. >> people know when they drive through center city at night and going out the schuylkill expressway or the martin luther king drive they will see a wonderful site that has been part of the philadelphia landscape for 40 years. now, the city didn't have the money for the upgrades, so a private donor stepped up to cover the cost. i drove past it in the wee early morning hours, it looks gorgeous. >> it looks beautiful, thank you to that private anonymous don't know. >> thinking outside the box, pays off. a delaware high school wins $10 million from a famous family. >> super model indicate -- kate
6:40 am
upton sends a strong message to her haters. what she said will inspire you. >> this will inspire you, too, the beautiful sunrise over camden. chris sowers is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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go anywhere than be here at home. it's going to be a perfect day, says chris sowers. unless you're heading to lincoln financial field, it's going to be beautiful there, the eagles-steelers game. we've been waiting for this so long, we're almost in october, and it's been a long hot summer in the philadelphia area. there's a beautiful picture looking over wilmington. we don't have in breeze and temperatures in the 40s, we have sunshine glaring down. we'll keep the radars clear, tomorrow into tuesday morning there could showers with an approaching cold front which would reinforce the fall-like cool air. 74 degrees is the forecasted high. which is 2 degrees below the seasonal average of 75. the low temperature is 54 degrees, we're sitting at 55. what a summer it's been, look at the number of 90 degrees day, 46. it started in may and it has
6:44 am
continued through september. that number ranks 5th of all time. we hit 95 degrees or high an incredible 14 times. this has been a long, hot summer. the pattern changed yesterday and now we'll see more fall-like conditions permanently around the delaware and lehigh valleys. tanersville, 41. fleetwood, 43. glass borough, 51. cinnaminson, 52. vineland, 47. satellite and radar cold front to the south, that's the same front that pushed through yesterday brought all the cloud cover along with it. now what we're watching is this cold front out here, crossing over the heartland of the nation, this will reinforce the cooler air sitting across the high plain states. 51 degrees in bismarck, in the 30s and 40s across the northern rockies. that cooler air will drift east over the next 24 to 48 hours,
6:45 am
we're hanging out in the low to mid 70s. same thing tomorrow, all week it will feel nice with high temperatures ranging between 73 and 76. that's about it. good stuff is on the the way. here's future tracker 6. 4:00 p.m., getting ready to kick off the eagles steelers game, hardly a cloud in the sky. beautiful tailgating conditions. tomorrow morning we'll see the clouds increase. we'll stay dry tomorrow, but a few showers could move in tomorrow after midnight into tuesday morning. they could come down at a good clip. this is 3:00 a.m. on tuesday, downpours across the i-95 corridor. for today it's dry, don't forget the shades, sunny skies, nice day. 73 in reading, 72 in allentown. millville, 72. cape may, atlantic city, 71. if you're down the jersey shore, the ocean temperature are in the
6:46 am
70s. venture into the water, the lifeguards are not on duty. there's a moderate risk for rip currents. be careful in the water this afternoon. reading, 43 tonight. had45 in lancaster, 51 in philadelphia. 47 in millville. 47 in trenton. 56 degrees atlantic city. here we go, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, perfect, fall-like weather today. sunny skies, comfortably cool 73. sunshine with increasing clouds on monday'd monday, 74. tuesday, 74, wednesday, 75. thursday, 70. there could be a shower on friday, 72 and saturday. >> the city is calling the free street event as a success.
6:47 am
the route stretched from river to river along south street up along the schuylkill river trail and out to the false bridge, but some drivers are not sharing the joy, their cars were towed or ticketed instead of being moved. the city has issued an apology and the tickets will be canceled anyone who was towed and find will get a refund. >> kate upton is sending a message to her cyber bullies. the cover girl sometimes referred as curvey. she said i'll live the way i want to. i almost think the body is art. everyone's prospective is their own and comes from their own place. people are naturally tall, short, skinny, curvey, whatever, i feel like limited yourself to one label isn't right, you can be everything unquote. she said she plans to continue eating burgers no matter her critics have to say.
6:48 am
i love that message. >> i tell my daughter that all the time. everybody is beautiful. we'll be right back. life's just gotten a little bit easier. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. blinds to gquiet.w motorized blinds and shades. convenient. and surprisingly affordable. right now, take 25% off all motorised blinds and shades. life's just gotten a little bit easier. blinds to go. blinds for life. plea to find her son's killer. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighter's report. >> he was fun loving a big joke
6:51 am
ster. he loved to cook, he loved his family. >> reporter: veronica austin aid the loss of her son is still felt by many. >> reporter: on may 23, police responded to a shots fired activating along south 30th street in camden. >> the microphones are placed throughout thecy of camden. >> reporter: when police arrived they found 34-year-old stanley brown lying in the street. he was suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. >> i have many sleepless nights about this awful deed and i cry and my heart hurts. >> reporter: police are looking to identify two men in the area at the time of the shooting. >> can you give me some closure on this. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is issuing 1,000-dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips, all calls will
6:52 am
remain a anonymous. >> someone needs to do something about the killing, bullets, it's ridiculous, for crime fighters, i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." 6:52 now, the company even flow is recalling 30,000 child seats because kids with loosen the harness without adults realizing. it recalls 3 in 1 booster seats. there's no reports of injuries, but the company has received comploints. owners -- complaints. owners have been sent a free can it to fix the button that adjusts the harness.
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receive $10 million as the winner of a national contest and the money will come from a famous widow. vernon odem has the story. >> reporter: liz's class at design high one of the most unique charter schools in the nation. three hundred students are from newark, all chosen after interviews to assess their motivation and learning. >> this is a high school for kids who want to go somewhere in their future. >> the school has been awarded $10 million to help rethink american high schools which is chaired bye-bye -- by the wood doe, steve jobs. >> we decided to use the design thinking process that's used in businesses, more and more, where they learn how to identify a problem and generates lots of
6:56 am
possible solutions. >> the project is about learning that helps most students. most students don't like how schools are set up. >> reporter: design lab high in its second year of operation is one of only ten schools from across the nation chosen to get the ten million dollar grant out of 700 schools in all that applied. like the two other schools that stretch from washington, d.c. to oakland, california and l.a. this school will be under a microscope as experts assess the experiments pan out. >> these classes are letting us use what kind of art or media you want to do and you can focus on that. >> design lab charter is funded by the state government. 9 other schools getting the ten million dollar award are split between charter and traditional public schools. vernon odem channel 6 "action news."
6:57 am
>> it is time to check out what's going viral in the social corner. i love that little song. >> we chat about photos and images everybody is talking about from facebook, youtube and more. >> checking into a hotel in anchorage, alaska. the manager heard a commotion and saw a black bear, he decided to check out a few more entrances and decided the hotel was not up to his standards, because he walked away. >> he must have been looking for the free breakfast. >> i am smart. >> i am smart. >> this is amazing, that's ron exz adorable -- with his adorable little girl alea. the gives his little girl the daily motivation before she heads off to school reminding that she is so much more than beautiful. they look in the mirror together
6:58 am
and he has her repeat the outstanding affirmations. >> i love that, we should all start our mornings that way. >> 6:58. there's another hour of "action news" straight ahead. >> donald trump makes a new threat against hillary clinton and this one is deeply personal. >> you will hear the may day calls as several firefighters get trapped in a burning home in wilmington. two firefighters were killed. plus a bitter sweet deliver for a military spouse from our area. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
6:59 am
and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news overnight captured. >> the search goes on for clues for what sparked the inferno that killed two firefighters in wilmington. two other firefighters are still in the hospital. it is the eve of the first presidential debate. hillary clinton has picked up a big endorsement and donald trump is threatening to invite personal to the debate. >> we're counting down to the keystone state showdown, the unbeaten eagles taking on the unbeaten steelers at the linc. good morning, 7:00 a.m., sunday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look at cape may, new jersey. it's going to be a glorious day today. gray hall is off enjoying it out there and alicia vitarelli joins us. >> meteorologist chris sowers


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